ESCAPE from OBLIVION, Book I in the Oblivion Series by Kim Kacoroski. Press Release:  ESCAPE FROM OBLIVION tells Carrie’s story of her haunted and neglected past, as she grows to overcome her nightmares borne of a terrible secret even she doesn’t know.  Though, it is only after Carrie allows herself to uncover that dangerous secret, buried deep in her memory, can she finally be free to live her life’s true path.  A deeply moving novel, ESCAPE FROM OBLIVION, is a compelling story about survival, choosing to heal one’s wounded soul and facing personal demons powerful enough to destroy.  This fictionalized study of abuse, denial and awareness demonstrates the courage we somehow find when it is most needed and is an impressive showing of how the human spirit survives the most heinous forms of abuse.  Available at

BEYOND OBLIVION, Book II in the Oblivion Series by Kim Kacoroski.  Press Release:  Kim Kacoroski has penned a thriller about a young woman’s struggle to overcome her past and deal with a frightening present.   Donna discovers the mystery behind her friend Carrie’s life and how this secret places her friend at the center of a global conspiracy.  Beyond Oblivion, integrates the tale of Carrie, whose exploits made up the bulk of the first book in the series, Escape From OblivionBeyond Oblivion is a book that develops characters who must learn how to create peace and love in a disharmonious world.  It will appeal to readers looking for dramatic, thriller fiction about women that is grounded in reality and the connected world of human emotions.  Available at

OBLIVION'S EDGE, Book III in the Oblivion Series by Kim Kacoroski.  In this new book in the Oblivion Series, Joan, the highly cerebral osteopathic doctor, steps outside of her comfort zone to defuse the intentions of an old lover and classmate who decides to stalk her.  In this liminal zone, she finds new friends and loves from a realm she never before knew existed.  In addition to all these life-changing events, she develops a relationship with Donna and Carrie. Their mutual friendship gives her the motivation she needs to change her life.  With their help, she transforms her current understanding of her talents.  Joan’s decision to follow her passion proves timely, as a deadly international network with intentions on her life and career closes in around her.  To survive their attack, she learns how to navigate a world of multidimensions, which was predicted and denied by the same recognized establishment that credentialed her dispassionate, analytical intellect.  Breaking new territory in the Oblivion Series, Kim Kacoroski’s Oblivion’s Edge bridges the worlds of emotion and logic.  This thrilling science fiction novel addresses these contemporary topics while grounding them in the reality of the narrative.  Available at

OBLIVION'S DEAL, Book IV in the Oblivion Series by Kim Kacoroski.  When a hardware engineer leaves a corrupt aerospace company to start his own firm, he joins forces with new contacts to fight an intergalactic conspiracy older than the earth itself.  Through his two-way surveillance he also meets Carrie, Donna, and Joan and it becomes clear that not only are they like-minded, they each might be what the other has been searching for.  Soon the new group of collaborators begins working together on an interdimensional level and as their efforts become more complex, Joe sees their inherent possibilities.  Incorporating a new strategy for his electronics firm, he winds up earning profits in harmony with the divine evolution of the planet.   An extraordinary story that pushes the limits of the imagination, Kacoroski’s latest is a captivating continuation of a series that is marked by provocative romance and almost unbearable suspense.  It journeys into the unseen rhythms of the earth and the natural order of the universe with mesmerizing clarity, probing the essence of humanity as illuminating profound truths.  A hypnotic meditation on the possibilities inherent in quantum physics and the human heart, Oblivion’s Deal is a passionate, intelligent, and challenging ride to the edges of existence.  Available at

FLIGHT FROM OBLIVION, Book V of the Oblivion Series and Book I of the Flight Series by Kim Kacoroski. Tobias Jones, an easy-going cosmic cowboy from the Southwest, flees the troubled chaos of a modern civilization for an internal flight.  Encouraged by friends, he leaves behind tragedy to study chemistry at the University of Oregon.  After a brief visit during spring break, he encounters Donna Synder and Carrie Jackson, who collaborate with him on questions regarding the big picture.   Rather than wander aimlessly through time, space, and danger, Tobias decides to learn where he is going, becoming proactive in a senseless, violent environment that existed long before the planet matriculated.  After choosing a career as a Naturopathic physician, Tobias takes a vacation and meets Joe O’Connor, an engineer who reconnects him to the two women again.  Together, they learn how to protect themselves from the treachery that has suddenly enveloped their lives.  When the 2011 tsunami strikes Japan, Joan Standish, an osteopathic physician from New England, joins Tobias in developing solutions that are more harmonious with the evolution of the planet.  The group of five probes the mysteries that have surrounded earth’s inception.  Available at

EAGLES FLIGHT in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Book II of the Flight Series by Kim Kacoroski.  When a colleague challenges Tobias to unveil the hidden history of the American Revolution, he recreates the story from an antique necklace.  Tobias, a naturopathic physician practicing in the Pacific Northwest, confers with several experts from various disciplines such as computer science, osteopathy, astrophysics, and geology.  They agree that the final owner was the one who fired the fateful shot at Lexington-Concord, which echoes timelessly in a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson.  The story of the shot at the Battle of Lexington-Concord begins with a 1769 time wrinkle in India.  It cuts across the dimensions of life and death into the realm of spirit.  The story describes the intergalactic wars and the fight to save the spirit of the planet, hidden by Bilbo and a Blue Fairy in the Mid Earth.  Eagle's Flight in the American Revolution portrays the actions that led to the Spirit of 1776.  Available at

FLIGHT OF THE ASCENDANTS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Book III of the Flight Series by Kim Kacoroski. The story begins with an intergalactic chess game played among allies at the intergalactic pentagon.  When invaders destroy the pentagon, its vital information becomes encoded in Metatron's Cube.   The crystal communicates the knowledge through generations until the surviving Eagles of the American Revolution give Pierre, the Queen's cousin, the task of deciphering the cube during the French Revolution.  Tobias, a Naturopathic physician serving the Pacific Northwest, uncovers the meaning of Metatron's Cube from a bracelet worn by a pilot in World War I.  Given to him by an airplane mechanic, he correlates the information to the underground history of Portland, Oregon.  The roots of the Pentagon in Washington D. C. come to light as Tobias seeks to protect his family home from a flood in New Orleans.  Available at

CHOICES FROM THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Book IV of the Flight Series by Kim Kacoroski. The fourth story of the FLIGHT SERIES uncovers the secret history of Dallas and the assassinations.  Tobias, a Naturopathic physician serving the Pacific Northwest, discovers the historical connection with a planetary invasion concerning Abraham Lincoln's roots in a pre-Eden civilization called Iron Mountain.   After learning Lincoln's real name, Linkhorn, Tobias places the president in an entirely different context, one obscured by those writing history after the Civil War.  Traveling to Arkansas, he journeys to Iron Mountain with his wife and friend, Joe O'Connor.  With the assistance of the ancient civilization found on Iron Mountain, they connect to the MidEarth and work to save the planet from oblivion.  Available at

BRIDGES OF FLIGHT PRIOR THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Book V of the Flight Series and Book VI of the Camelon Series by Kim KacoroskiThis fifth book of the FLIGHT SERIES reaches into the realms of Iona, a monastery founded by Saint Columba.  The abbey's secret relationship with ancient Egypt surfaces as an orphan becomes an advisor to both Henry II and Eleanor.  Tobias, a Naturopathic physician serving the Pacific Northwest, uncovers this historical connection through his work with the pre-Eden civilization on Iron Mountain, which had once worked with Eleanor's Court.  Tobias and his companions use this insight to rescue the United States from financial collapse.  Available at

THE PROMISE OF CAMELON, Book I in the Camelon Series by Kim Kacoroski.  The legend of Camelot is one of the most widely known, and perennially mistold, of all lore.  Now, author Kim Kacoroski’s lighthearted look at the beloved tale dispels the wealth of erroneous retelling in The Promise of Camelon, Smith’s beguilingly personable approach to historical fiction.  With humor, history, and a thoroughly engaging conviviality, this illuminating book is certain to appeal to adults and young adults with a curiosity for the true version of the magical kingdom and its transcendent court.  Delightful, clever, and exacting in its representation of the true details of the Camelot story, The Promise of Camelon offers a whimsical, fantastical foray into regal and warring realms that will enthrall anyone with a penchant for legends, a bit of wanderlust, and an admiration for getting a sensational, timeless story right.  A celebration of love, honor, and devotion, it’s a must for adults and young adults who are game for a great read and a rollicking good time.   Available at

THE DRAGONS OF CAMELON, Book II in the Camelon Series by Kim Kacoroski.  Joslin, the daughter of King Arcas and sister of King Arthur, must accept enormous responsibility and battle for planetary stability in a broken universe.  With the help of Elissa, the golden sea dragon queen, Joslin will become the power behind the universe as she begins a journey that will teach her what it means to become a queen and about the all-encompassing power of love.  The Dragons of Camelon is an endearing tale about overcoming global tragedy in an enlightened way.  With the message that love conquers all, this heartwarming book by Kim Kacoroski incorporates a hectic and compassionate approach to world salvation. The novel’s simple style and amusing tone make it an enjoyable read from beginning to end.  Targeted toward young adults, the book creates a wonderful world filled with the amazing creatures that are the sea dragons.  Their wordless communication and elegant wisdom combine to create a truly noble race of fantasy creatures. Joslin and the sea dragons take readers on a journey through rites of passage, romance, and insightful lessons into what it means to rule.  With its wondrous setting, fulfilling message, and playfully endearing tone, The Dragons of Camelon is sure to keep a place in readers’ hearts for a long time.  Available at

HISTORY OF THE WORLD ACCORDING TO THE DRUIDS, Book III in the Camelon Series by Kim Kacoroski.  To save the future of the planet Earth, the Queen of the Universe must know its deep past.  Action-packed and tenderhearted, this rollicking romp through the universe is certain to enthrall Earthlings and others who like their romance to shoot straight for the stars.  As the Queen of the Universe, Joslin must face painful circumstances to bring the planet together. However, in order to regenerate the spirit of the Earth, she first must know its history.  Before her role as Queen, Joslin served as the Earth’s archivist, for years gathering historical details.  Now, her new role as wife and mother compels her to take on her work within the framework of a greater world family, and embark on a journey of self-discovery to do so.  Joslin’s mission becomes all the more perilous, as History of the World According to the Druids reveals how they all come together to create an enduring foundation for the regeneration of the planet following the Camelon Armageddon.  As the stakes rise ever higher, the Queen must fill in the missing pieces of history to ensure the survival of her new family—and the Universe.  Available at

NEW BEGINNINGS, Book IV of the Camelon Series  by Kim Kacoroski.  The torch passes to Crierwy.  She covertly follows King Gerwyn to Scotland to initially keep an eye on the two most rebellious sea dragons, Gilderoy and Paisley, who have decided to start their own revolution in Scotland.  Cued by the thunder and a dream, Crierwy decides to take off on her own.  After learning that departing souls have been endangered, she enlists the aid of her cousin Tinka, High Queen of Ireland.  Together they remove the lid of the Ark of the Covenant, and summon beneficial aid from an intergalactic dimension.  Her sojourn takes her across the continents of the western hemisphere and into the arms of several lovers.  Lessons of life, death, and regeneration bring her full circle with the destiny of the human race.  Together with Tinka, the cousins transform the promising dream of Camelon into a new kingdom on the Hill of Tara.  Available at

KINGDOM OF THE GOLDEN TARA, Book V in the Camelon Series by Kim Kacoroski.  This fifth book of the Camelon Series tells the story of three intimate friends, who must work together in bringing Camelon’s promise to fruition. Nest ferch Cadell, the great-great-grand niece of King Arthur, tricks her enemies into giving her the reigns of the kingdom.  With the help of the soon-to-be Pope Nicholas, she establishes a new kingdom seeded by her predecessor, Queen Crierwy.  Based on an act of compassion embodied by the icon of a golden tara and built on the ashes of Camelon and Avalon, the eternal Kingdom of the Golden Tara is to be found within.  The small tara becomes a symbol in their mission to restore order in the universe.  Elise, the King of Powrys, becomes the third member of the crew.  Together they birth an entire new generation of Dragon flyers in freedom.  Available at