Dr. Kim Kacoroski graduated from Bastyr University in 2000, where she completed five years of post-graduate education to become a naturopathic doctor. Her training included two years of basic medical sciences and three years of nutrition, integrated life-style counseling, botanical sciences, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy, and biochemistry. She also completed over 1,500 rotation hours working at three integrative medical clinics.

Since 2001, Dr. Kim Kacoroski has worked as a board-certified doctor in Washington State. For six years she worked at two integrative medical clinics as a family practitioner, and then in 2007 began a home-based practice focused on nutrition, restorative medicine, and environmental health. Along with seeing patients, Dr. Kim Kacoroski works in a professional capacity to promote education and health. In 2004, she was invited to speak at a conference for the Russian Academy of Biochemical Physics on resonant frequencies and biochemical structures. In 2009, she co-hosted a nutrition seminar for Dr. Wallach, ND of Youngevity, and in 2012 she was a guest expert on Healthline, RLTV.

Early on in her professional career, Dr. Kim Kacoroski designed the Nature-Aid Kit, a nature-based first-aid kit. Since then, she has developed a line of hair and skin care products called Dragonverde. Inspired to write by the relationship she has observed between patients and their environment and the metaphor of disease,  Dr. Kim Kacoroski is also an accomplished author with over ten books published.

Outside of work, Dr. Kim Kacoroski enjoys living a full life. She loves to swim and explore the beauty of the Pacific-Northwest.  Her philosophy of health is grounded by a strong belief in the healing power of nature.